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Thursday, January 22, 2015

#Sciencefiction #Adventure #Giveaway with Guest Author: Timothy C. Ward

Scavenger: Evolution (Sand Divers, Book One)
by Timothy C. Ward (Goodreads Author)

A compilation of Scavenger 1-3 (Red Sands, Blue Dawn and Twin Suns) 
Release Date: March 1, 2015

In the future, sand divers search the depths for the lost city of Danvar and the truth behind their bleak existence. Divemaster Rush hasn’t dove since he lost his infant. A job offer turns from an escape to a trap and the lure of a hardened heart to survive like anyone else would. One dive leads to another. Farther and farther from the surface, death and evolution change his world. He’ll have to change too or watch his wife rise without him.

Inspired by Hugh Howey’s world of Sand. Written and sold with his permission. Scavenger: Evolution takes the landscape of Dune and throws in the pacing and thrills of Alien.

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Scavenger: Evolution is going to be my first published novel. I've been working hard toward this dream for seven years. The inspiration for this started as a question over some unnamed characters in Hugh Howey's novel Sand. My main character, Divemaster Rush, starts out in a place where he thinks he's lost it all, and then is given an opportunity to escape everything that reminds him of his misery. In this escape, however, will be a hardening of his heart that will make him someone different.

It took me a while to realize that this is the heart of story telling. This journey into the emotions of someone as they choose to change, either for better or worse, and then the chaos and conflict that will happen once they act. I thought I had to travel a lot to develop the fodder for a good story. I thought I was supposed to have fully formed characters already in my head, waiting to be written. If I had only realized sooner that you just have to find someone afraid to change, and then present an option that could be worse than they imagined and see how they react.

Some people ask whether you have to have talent or hard work. I'm in the camp of hard work, and if you manage to stick with it long enough, you'll develop the talent. Granted, some people are born for this, and I believe I'm one of them, but to those who are afraid they don't have the talent: if you desire to publish a book, know that it isn't genetics that is in your way; it's how much you're willing to prove that you want it. Prove it when no one's looking. Prove it when you get a bad review or a rejection. Prove it when you finish a draft and realize that it isn't done until you go back again and again. Writers succeed in these challenges. That's not talent. That's hard work.

Release date: late January 2015

I'm not a genius. I'm not a novel writing award winner from high school, or even the guy in college who worked on outlines and impressed with published stories while I was drinking mochas and playing pool, dreaming of being a writer. What has changed between now and seven years ago is that I have tried hard for seven years to improve with every day of writing. Sometimes that is creating a better story in the planning stage, or sometimes it is just trying to get two hundred words in before bed. 

Bio: Timothy C. Ward grew up on DragonLance, Stephen King, and Dune. Read how he blends these influences in his serialized thriller, Scavenger: Evolution, where sand divers uncover death and evolution within America's buried fortresses. Parts one and two, Red Sands and Blue Dawn, are now available on Kindle. Sign up to his newsletter for exclusive news and giveaways.

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