Clarissa Johal: Guest Author: #Horror #Flashfiction with L. E. White

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Guest Author: #Horror #Flashfiction with L. E. White

Hello everyone,

Clarissa has been kind enough to allow me a chance to share a guest post with all of you on her blog. I am L. E. White. I tend to write dark fantasy and horror although I have also written a little science fiction and erotica. I post a new story every Wednesday on my blog and I hope that you will join me over there.

If you like what you read, there are links to all of my published work on the site. I have a new erotic horror novella, tentatively titled “Forever and Always” that is in production with Sirens Call Publications.

As I do on my own blog, I wanted to offer you an original flash fiction story. Something scary that will hopefully make you look over your shoulder as you follow my link. I look forward to seeing you, so be careful along the way.

-L. E. White


Photo courtesy of Lothorian Magick 
When Lynn touched the box, she felt a burst of pain. “Ow,” she said as she jerked away and shook her hand.
“What happened?”
Lynn looked at Anna, sitting on the bed across from her. “It shocked me.”
Anna shrugged. “Maybe you should stop dragging your feet as you walk.”
Lynn frowned and looked at the box again without touching it. It was small and dark reddish brown. Lynn guessed it was some kind of wood, but she wasn’t sure. The sides were dirty, dented and stained. A simple latch flipped down over a metal pin to hold the lid in place. The lock didn’t have a clip or bar to keep it from popping open, but it stayed closed anyway.
“Why haven’t you opened it?”
Anna frowned and leaned forward, putting her nose to within an inch or two of the top. “Every time I start to open it, something happens.” She sat back up and looked at her friend. “My dad found it in a storage unit he was cleaning out. He said it was the only thing left in the unit.”
Lynn tilted her head to one side. “So it was under some trash or something?”
“No,” Anna said. “It wasn’t under anything. It was the only thing in the unit.”
Lynn curled up one lip and leaned over to look at the box from the other side. “When did you get it?”
“Day before yesterday.”
Lynn wrinkled her forehead as she looked at her friend. “Then why haven’t you opened it?”
“I told you something happens.”
“Like what.”
Anna took a deep breath. “Dad gave it to me yesterday when I got home from school. When I went to open it, the cat knocked its food bowl off the table and I had to clean it up.”
“I hate your cat,” Lynn said.
“But that is just one thing. Something happens every time.”
“You’re imagining things.”
“Really,” Anna said as she crossed her arms over her chest. “When you went to touch it just now, you got shocked.”
“That was nothing.” Lynn reached for the latch, and Anna’s little brother walked opened the door.
“Mom wants to know if she is staying for dinner?”
Anna smirked at Lynn. “Yeah she is. Now get out.”
The door shut and Lynn raised one eyebrow. “That was random.”
“Try again.”
Three more time, Lynn reached for the latch and each time, something else interrupted her.
“What the hell?”
“You are just going to have to ignore everything else and open it anyway.” Anna was smiling a wide smile at Lynn. “Otherwise it will never get opened.”
“Wait a minute,” Lynn said. “Why don’t you open it?”
“Because I’m your friend and I am indulging your curiosity.”
Lynn grabbed a pillow and swatted Anna. They began to wrestle, and the box was knocked off the bed.
Anna was in her bed, covers tucked in and eyes shut. Lynn was on the floor, on a sleeping bag on top of an air mattress. Her covers were tossed, and her eyes were open.
Lynn stared at the ceiling, her mind racing, and she wished the race would end so that she could sleep.
She flipped around, swapping head for foot in hopes that the change would help. She rolled, lying on her stomach, head turned to look under the bed.
When she saw the box, she reached out, pausing as she wondered if she would get shocked again before moving forward.
Lynn pulled the box out from under the bed and turned it over in her hands. It felt grimy, leaving her fingers sticky after she handled it. “Ewww,” she said as she turned it so that the latch faced her.
When she put her finger nail under the latch, Lynn stopped and looked around the room. She waited, and then shook her head.
Lynn held her breath as she flexed her finger. The small metal plate flipped off of the pin with a tiny click, and Lynn looked around again.
She looked the other way, towards the window, and didn’t see the lid lift up. It rose, twisting on it hinges, opening like the mouth of a hungry baby bird.
When Lynn looked down, her mouth fell open. She stared into her hands as she listened to a soft, cold, voice whisper, “Free.”

Author Bio:

I am a happily married father of four who lives on a family farm in southern Indiana. I have published multiple stories under the by line of L. E. White, with my work being included in collections from Popcorn Press, Hazardous Press and Sirens Call Publications. I have completed my first novel and am seeking representation for it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I saw it as the box trying to keep whatever spirit was inside from escaping, but, in the deep of the night, the spirit's strength was stronger.