Clarissa Johal: Guest Author: New Release from A. Giacomi

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Guest Author: New Release from A. Giacomi

Book: Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl (Book 1)
Author: A. Giacomi


I begin to scream questions into the darkness.

“Why are you here? What do you want?” I wait in silence, but no answers come.

I’m starting to feel a bit faint from the fear coursing though me. I hear that strange moaning again. It’s frightening and not like anything I have ever heard before. I stand paralyzed in the darkness with no idea what my next move is. While my thoughts race in every direction, I feel something graze my arm, and before I can pull it away, teeth pierce my arm’s soft flesh. They gnaw away at my arm as if it is a piece of barbecued meat. I feel a ripping sensation, and my arm begins to feel warm and wet. Something sprays my face, and I know the taste; it’s my blood that’s spilling.


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“Zombie Girl is a fun and fast-paced read for teens and adults alike. Reading Eve's zombie girl life unfold with her two besties along for the bloody ride felt like watching a Joss Whedon show complete with the supernatural, a dose of gore, and a love triangle that is easily digestible and entertaining in one sitting.”
- Elise Walters, Author of the Tentyrian Legacy series

"Cool, quirky and gnarly as hell, Giacomi shows exactly how awesome it is to be a zombie. If I were bit by Eve Brenner, I'd be stoked to come back from the dead."
-Jeremiah Israel, Author of March The Damned

"Equal parts sexy and gory, hilarious and heartwrenching, EVE BRENNER: ZOMBIE GIRL is an astonishing debut."
-Stephen Kozeniewski, Author of Braineater Jones


A.Giacomi is the author of the wildly entertaining Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl Saga.
She is an educator, writer, and artist from Toronto, Canada. She is a zombie enthusiast, a wife, and mother to one small human child.

For more on A.Giacomi visit her on Twitter,  Facebook or her official Blog 

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