Clarissa Johal: #Paranormal Wednesday-Catacombes de Paris

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#Paranormal Wednesday-Catacombes de Paris

Photo courtesy of Vlastula vis Flickr
The Catacombs of Paris (Catacombes de Paris) are underground ossuaries located in Paris, France. South of the former city gate, they house the remains of approximately 6 million people. The network of caverns and tunnels run more than 300 kilometers under the city. In the 12th century, offering burial in their cemeteries was a source of income for the churches. As a result, they often took in more bodies than they could house. To combat this, mass graves were dug. When the remains had decomposed, the bodies would be exhumed and relocated so new bodies could be buried. The bones were moved to underground limestone quarries and stacked neatly in rows where they remain to this day.

Photo courtesy of skidder via Flickr
Paranormal researchers have captured strange EVP recordings as well as photographs of strange, unexplained lights and misty figures. Visitors report feelings of sadness and some report hearing voices and of being touched. Ghostly figures have been seen roaming through the passageways and some tour groups report seeing large groups of figures walking behind them as they go on the tour. Some tours have even been cut short because of a growing sense of unease. Paranormal activity is routinely captured on film.

Photo courtesy of van Van Es via Flickr
When I was looking through photos of the catacombs it was overwhelming. Thousands upon thousands of human bones, some carefully arranged--heart-shaped outlines crafted from the arrangement of skeletons, pillars made from human leg bones, and fountains crafted from skulls. I can't imagine the energy housed in such a place.

Tour and historical information can be found on the Les Catacombes Histoire de Paris website

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