Clarissa Johal: #FolkloreThursday - Lidérc #Hungarian

Thursday, June 16, 2016

#FolkloreThursday - Lidérc #Hungarian

Liderc, Hungaria
A lidérc is a unique supernatural being of Hungarian folklore. It eagerly carries out the bidding of it's human master. Unless it's kept busy, it will become increasingly problematic. It has three known varieties, all similar in nature.

The first variety is hatched from a first egg of a black hen. The egg is incubated from the warmth of a human's armpit. The lidérc then attaches itself to the person who hatched it, shape-shifting into a man or woman. The creature is a combination of a familiar, vampire and demon. If the owner is a woman, the being shifts into a man. It preys upon it's human while they're asleep, sometimes sucking their blood, and will make them weak and sick. In order to get rid of the lidérc, it must be persuaded to perform an impossible task, such as haul sand with rope, or water with a sieve. It can also be warded off with garlic, or by locking it into a tree hollow.

The second kind of lidérc is a tiny being or devil. It may also be obtained from a black hen's egg, but more often it is found in rags, boxes, or pockets of old clothes. A person who finds this lidérc will suddenly become rich and capable of extraordinary feats, but it is in the exchange of their soul.

The third variety of the lidérc is sexual in nature. Similar to an incubus or succubus, it flies at night, and may appear as a will o' the wisp or bird of fire. On earth, it assumes a human shape, usually the shape of a dead relative or lover, but with the footprints of a horse. This lidérc may enter the house through chimneys or keyholes. It will bring with it sickness and doom. Burning incense and birch will ward it off.


Heather R. Holden said...

I think I've read about the third kind of lidérc in one of my folklore books before. Loved learning about the different varieties there actually are in your post. Hungarian folklore is so fascinating!

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

I had a very difficult time finding a photo depiction of this guy! I would be interested to see if your book had a photo of some kind. Thanks for stopping by, Heather.