Clarissa Johal: When Your Publisher Goes Out of Business #authors #booktrope

Thursday, May 5, 2016

When Your Publisher Goes Out of Business #authors #booktrope

I had all sorts of plans this week, but found myself juggling a curve ball last Friday.

Some of you have heard (or already know) that one of my publishers, Booktrope, will be going out of business as of May 31st. Everyone was notified via email--I got mine while on a field trip with one of my daughters. Talk about struggling to keep a poker face.

This is the public statement via Geekwire.

What does this mean for me? Business, as usual. I have no intention of letting this setback destroy me. I'm an author. Simple as.
I will re-release Struck and The Island in June and expect my new release Poppy to be released on-schedule. The buy links will change, the ISBNs will change, but the books will remain the same. I am blessed to have editors, proofreaders and cover artists who will work with me during this stressful transition. I poured my heart and soul in Poppy and hope you will buy and enjoy it.

I know everyone in the Booktrope community will find their way. Creative people are remarkably resilient and bounce back. Keep your dream alive, folks. :)
Have a great Thursday.


Jennifer RP said...

Clarissa, I'm only going to say this: I've been there. I've been exactly where you are, although with only one book involved not three.

I know I appreciated the support I got from fellow authors at the time, so I'm paying it forward *hugs*.

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

Thanks, Jennifer :) This is the second time I've been through this. Things will work out.

Kate Evangelista said...

If you're ever interested, I would be happy to recommend you to Radish Fiction. It's a reader app that pays its writers and you retain all your rights. Let me know. :)