Clarissa Johal: Tangled Tuesday - Shout-Out! #paranormal #horror #giveaway

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tangled Tuesday - Shout-Out! #paranormal #horror #giveaway

Bram Stoker Award-winning author, John Everson will be hosting the blog, Not Now, Mommy's Reading until the end of the month. Exclusive flash fiction, guest posts, and interviews by horror/paranormal greats such as, Jonathan Maberry, Jonathan Janz, Edward Lee, Kealan Patrick Burke, Jeff Strand, Ryan C. Thomas, Maynard & Sims, Wrath James White, Rhiannon Frater, Su Halfwerk, and Brody Sommers, to name a few.

Did I mention the Giveaways?

There will be a giveaway EVERY DAY of the event! So, if you count yourself among those who take comfort in those bumps in the night, or you're looking for some "fresh meat" - visit Not Now, Mommy's Reading from now until October 31st for the deliciously dark & macabre!!!


John Everson said...

Thanks for spreading the word Clarissa!

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

You are very welcome!