Clarissa Johal: 2015 October Frights Blog Hop - "Wendigo" #paranormal #horror #flashfiction & THE ISLAND On Sale #99cents #Octoberfrights #giveaway

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 October Frights Blog Hop - "Wendigo" #paranormal #horror #flashfiction & THE ISLAND On Sale #99cents #Octoberfrights #giveaway

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Photo courtesy of Michael Shaheen via Flickr
Wendigo by Clarissa Johal

It feasted on the flesh of the hunter and sat back, satiated. The snow-covered forest lay silent and still. A snap of ice filled the air with an urgency that bespoke of a long, unforgiving winter. Power coursed through its being, as its presence increased. It would only be a short while before the hunger would begin to gnaw again. Licking its boney fingers clean, it settled in a snow-drift to await its prey. If the creature would have been made of flesh and blood, it would have felt the sting of ice. But it wasn't.

The second hunter crept along, his bow drawn, attention focused on the trees. By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late. Bright crimson blood splashed across the snow. The creature dove into the warmth of the body, ripping it to shreds. After the initial excitement had waned, it sat back on its haunches and surveyed the remnants of its prize. It would be a long time before it found another tribe. The robust vigor from the blood of the hunter flooded it's being like a drug. It could stop at feeding on these two humans, but it knew there were more. The creature cocked its head, pale eyes on the tree line. The others were coming. Their footsteps crunched in the snow like a dinner bell. It formulated a plan, one that it found an amusing challenge. It would inhabit the body of one and then finish the tribe off.

Camouflaging itself in the snow, it settled to wait.

The hunter crept warily through the snow-covered trees. He thought he'd heard a cry, but the forest was blanketed with an unnatural silence. As he entered the small clearing, the scene unfolded. The remains of his fellow kinsmen were strewn across the snow. Bright red contrasted with blinding whiteness. He quickly scanned the clearing and saw no movement which would suggest the animal was still in the area. Lowering his bow, he approached the bodies. His gaze fastened on the drops of blood splashed across the snow like confetti. Repulsion hit before it was overcome by curiosity. He traced his fingers through the blood of his fellow tribesman.

The moment the blood touched his lips, a change came over him. The gnawing hunger which made his bellyache through the past icy winter months was gone. In its place, he felt a surge of power and heat. A small sound from behind caused his attention to shift. He quickly wiped the blood from his lips and stood to face his fellow tribesmen. Their looks of alarm caused a bubble of shame to rise from within his being, but the excitement quickly stifled it. Four. There were four hunters. And they would be his, along with their families.

The humans quickly assessed the scene of slaughter and then decided to return to the village.

The creature trailed after them, wearing the guise of their tribesman. Hunger gnawed at him, quickly dispelling the warmth that had been there moments ago.


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A. F. Stewart said...

Creepy story. I recently wrote a Wendigo based tale myself.

nrlymrtl said...

Hidden cave, mysterious bell, plenty of secrets - sounds creepy fantastic!

Mary Preston said...

Fantastic thank you. Super creepy picture.

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

The picture is wonderful, isn't it? I credited the photographer, he did a fabulous job. Thank you for stopping by--happy hopping :)

Unknown said...

Oh my that was perfect creepy story for the season!

Unknown said...

I have loved everything you've done this week. (I've missed a bit due to travel). This story is truly creepy and the photo truly adds to the ambiance of the tale. Thank you for all the great stories and lovely giveaways.