Clarissa Johal: #Paranormal Wednesday-The Ghost Upstairs

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#Paranormal Wednesday-The Ghost Upstairs

Grab a cup of coffee and snuggle down, because in lieu of a book excerpt or a bit of paranormal news, I'm going to tell you a ghost story.

There’s a little girl that lives in our house. Well, "lives" is probably the wrong word, because she’s a ghost. She was here when we moved in and, I suspect, before the house was built. I sometimes see her in the hallway or in one of the bedrooms. One morning, I opened the door and she stood on the other side, welcoming me with a big smile. She wears an old-fashioned dress that goes down to her ankles. It has a high collar with small buttons at the back of the neck. My daughters say the girl has red hair, but I see it as blonde. A large, blue bow sits on top of her head.

I have a feeling her remains are buried underneath our house or on the property. Someplace they shouldn't be; there are no markers of any kind. I’m reasonably sure the child isn't connected to the man who stands beside our oak tree. I keep trying to speak to him but he disappears as soon as I walk outside. Suffice to say, the man and the little girl don't seem to share the same time-period.

When our daughter was 4-years-old, she use to complain the ghost girl woke her up by turning her lights on. We ended up moving our daughter to the spare bedroom so she could sleep better. The ghost girl reacted by turning the lights on in our bedroom. When I asked her to stop, the lights in both bedrooms turned on and off repeatedly, as if the child thought my request amusing. Eventually, I gave up asking and she stopped. Now, she chooses to moves things. Coins, pencils, seashells. I pretend not to notice.

I've tried to help her cross over but have a feeling it’s been too long. It's almost like she wants to be part of the family. I’m fine with that. We've settled into a living arrangement and accepted the fact she's here to stay. I've had worse house-mates.

Next week, I'll tell you about the man who stands beside our oak tree. A puzzle indeed.


Rhea Rhodan said...

Like it? I love it! Great story!

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

I appreciate you stopping by, Rhea :)

Carol Browne said...

Fascinating, and I want to hear more about the man beside the tree :)