Clarissa Johal: Ten (Not-So-Guilty) Pleasures

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ten (Not-So-Guilty) Pleasures

This week has been crazy. I’ve been trying to get my guest blogs lined up and written for the release of my novel Between on December 14th.  Come October, November and December, you should see me guest blogging all over the place. Whoot. I won't be stressed out then, however, because I'm stressing now. Blog, blog, blog...I dream in blog.

One thing I’ve managed to allow myself are some (not-so-guilty) pleasures.
Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #1 

And not just any popsicles, but Edy’s “made with real fruit” lime popsicles.
Pure, frozen, stick-to-your-tongue goodness.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #2
Television Reruns

X-files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
The truth is out there. Vampires do not sparkle. Spike rocks.
Enough said.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #3
Fancy Soap

My favorite is Indigo Wild Zum Bar Goats Milk Cedar soap. There’s a mouthful for you. And at about $10 a slice (for 6 oz. of soap) it’s definitely an indulgence. I’ve become so spoiled on this cedar soap, I honestly can’t stand the scent of anything else. 
Visit Indigo Wild and check them out.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #4
Kindle Freebies

Book Freebies Abound! Between new authors wanting to gain a following or established authors running contests and giveaways, there’s no excuse not to give them all a try. You never know whose writing you may fall in love with. Amazon always has new freebies. Go to their Kindle store and type in “free Kindle books" and keep in mind, some classics through Amazon are still free or at the very least, priced under $5.
I like to mix it up.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #5
Shop 'til you Drop Shopping

I love World Market (Cost Plus on the west coast). I can always find something to buy so I try and only go when I can afford to splurge. Last time I visited, I found a little stone hippo that cast its spell on me and also ended up buying a plate to add to my rotating place set of four. If I could only stop dropping my plates and breaking them...
The Voyage Peacock Plates

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #6
Nail polish

I have so many colours of nail polish I’ve lost count. And I can never decide on just one shade, so I usually go rainbow.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #7
Rental Movies

Austin Powers, Man of Mystery. Yeah, baby! Maybe it's because my father was British or my husband is British, but I find this movie supremely funny.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #8
Speaking of movies...Popcorn 

I love movie popcorn almost as much as going to see a movie. My husband and kiddos can’t stand the amount of that yellow movie salt I use which means I never have to share (mua-ha-ha). Now, if only I could find that yellow salt at the grocers...

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #9
The Aquarium Shop

Just to look, of course. Well, sometimes I come home with a fish…or two. I have ten fish tanks, so I can do this. My favorite thing to do is buy feeder goldfish and nurse them back to health, as they’re usually sick with fin rot or some such disease. I’ve had some beautiful feeder goldfish that have lived for many years. For 10 cents and the price of a box of fish medication, I would say it was money well-spent.

Not-So-Guilty Pleasure #10
Video Games

Specifically, The Elder Scrolls V; Skyrim.
Omg, I love this game. I never used to play video games before my younger daughter got this one for Christmas. Long after everyone else lost interest in saving Skyrim as the Dragonborn, I continued to play until the end…twice. And yes, I bought Dawnguard, the DLC, and yes, I’ve finished that too. I even had a  "Faendal is my Hero" mug custom made through CafĂ© Press. My kiddos won’t be seen with me when I'm drinking coffee from it but you know what? I’m a geek and I don’t care. Bring on Elder Scrolls VI because Faendal and I are ready.

So, there you have it. My ten not-so-guilty pleasures that got me through a stressful week. What are your not-so-guilty pleasures?


Cordelia Dinsmore said...

Ha! I love your list. I can understand all but the video game choices. I just can't figure those things out. Donkey Kong is about all I can handle. Hope your relationship with Musa is long and productive.

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

Thanks, Cordelia! Skyrim is truly the first one I've been able to figure out. My first 10 minutes with the Xbox controls and I was about ready to throw them across the room. It takes awhile, lol

Unknown said...

Perfect list, love Amazon freebies and Spike does rule. Perhaps, it is a British thing??

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

Haha! I think so, Lori. What's funny, is that the actor isn't even British. I think he's from California. He does a darn good Brit accent though. Thanks for commenting!

Laurie Higgins said...

The X-Files! Gosh, I miss that show. But I'm loving the new show Revolution that takes place 15 years in the future. For the year and a half that I did 365 I gave up TV, so it feels like a guilty pleasure now. My other biggest guilty pleasure is books! It's so bad that I burn the Amazon boxes in the fireplace before my husband gets home so I don't get caught.

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

Haha, Laurie! Oooh, ummm, I'm telling him to check the fireplace, lol ;) I haven't heard of Revolution but I'll have to look it up now. There's so few shows I watch. Thanks for stopping by!