Clarissa Johal: Frightening Friday - The Living and the Dead - The Veil Between Worlds

Friday, October 21, 2016

Frightening Friday - The Living and the Dead - The Veil Between Worlds

It's ten days before Halloween!
I love this time of year, but things always go a bit haywire once October hits. We go through more lightbulbs, appliances break, unexplained things happen, and I catch more movement from the corner of my eye. This month is no different. The first week of October, we went through four lightbulbs. By the second week, our piano had taken to playing random notes, even though the cover is always closed. It's week three, and I'm still waiting for a major appliance to break. Let's hope it isn't my coffee maker, because then, we'd have some issues. No coffee=a very unhappy writer.

So, why is October so "busy?"  It is said that the veil between worlds becomes thin this time of year. Spirits are able to make contact and cross over from their world, into ours. Because October 31st marks the time between the Autumnal Equinox and the Winter Solstice, ancient peoples thought it was an optimal time for communion with the spirits. The dead were welcomed in from the cold, and invited to feast with their loved ones. Ancient customs ranged from placing food out for dead ancestors, to performing rituals for communicating with the dead.

Historical origins aside, we definitely have more activity this time of year, and our house has plenty going on. I oftentimes wonder if we don't have some sort of "spirit railway" running through property. 

How about you? Do you notice more activity this time of year?

Follow up: the next morning after this was written, the touchscreen on my iPad stopped working. Better that, than my coffeemaker, I guess. :(

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