Clarissa Johal: Guest Author Spotlight - The Knight Trilogy by Katie M. John #YA #paranormal #romance

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Guest Author Spotlight - The Knight Trilogy by Katie M. John #YA #paranormal #romance

The Knight Trilogy
Celebrating 5 YEARS


A UK No.1 Best Selling Paranormal Romance and Dark Fairy Tale series
The first book of ‘The Knight Trilogy’, called ‘The Forest of Adventures’ was published in December 2010. Within months it had reached the coveted spot of UK. No1. Best Selling Fairy Tale and Paranormal Romance, as well as going on to become an overall Best Selling Amazon title in both the U.K and the U.S.A
In 2012 it was awarded ‘Bloggers Choice Award’ from The Kindle Book Review

Five years later, all three books of the Trilogy have been published, and the series continues to reach top listings and cultivate a committed fan base. Katie has since gone on to write a stand-alone novel, ‘Beautiful Freaks’, a twelve episode series by the same title, and the first three books of the seven book series, ‘The Meadowsweet Chronicles’

To celebrate this incredibly important milestone, Katie M John is giving away some very special Knight Trilogy Swag. Prizes include; sterling silver Celtic earrings and Breton Jewellery purchased in the Forest of Broceliande,  to signed paperbacks and beautiful handmade Tibetan Silver book hooks, decorated with semi-precious stones, signed postcards. There will be two lucky winners of the Birthday Gift Box.

The Forest of Adventures (Book One Of The Knight Trilogy)

An Ancient Legend
A Modern Love Story

Seventeen year old Mina Singer is the typical good girl; she already knows where her life is taking her, and she is in a settled relationship with the boy next door. However, when the mysterious new boy, Blake Beldevier arrives at college on the first day of the spring term, everything she has come to understand about reality is turned upside down.
Catapulted into a world she only believed existed in fairy tales, Mina discovers that the past and the present aren’t quite so far apart as she thought, and fairy tales certainly aren’t for children.
As the timeless and wicked Morgan Le Fay sets her sights on gaining the heart of Blake, Mina discovers the true of the darkness which threatens to extinguish the light.

Immortal Beloved: Book 2 of The Knight Trilogy (Volume 2) As Mina begins to piece together her broken heart Blake’s heart is in the hands of the evil and beautiful Morgan Le Fay - and it is in mortal peril In the aftermath of the Blakequake, Mina finds herself back in the Real World and lost at sea. It is only the power of friendship that stops her from complete self-destruction. And then, just when she begins to accept that the fairy tale world of The Realm was nothing but a magical memory, The Realm comes calling. This time it is up to the damsel to save her knight. As events unfold in Egypt, and ancient, dark rituals are resurrected, Mina and her friends are forced to race the clock to save Blake from the terrors of the Egyptian Underworld - and the bewitchment of Morgan Le Fay. The question is, who will win in the fight for Blake’s heart?

Starfire: Book Three of The Knight Trilogy (Volume 3)

When Mina and Blake return from Egypt, they dare to believe in a happily-ever-after. Then the full moon comes, and Mina discovers it wasn’t only Blake who came home changed. When a young woman is found murdered at Meadowlake on All Hallows Eve, suspicion quickly turns to Mina, whose involvement with the secret society of the Starfire Sisterhood has caught the unwelcome attention of The Knights Templar Arrested for sorcery and due to burn at the stake, Blake is offered a way to save her... All he needs to do is deliver the Holy Grail.

Published by Little Bird Publishing, Katie M John is the author of the U.K No.1 best-selling YA Paranormal Romance and Dark Fairy Tale series, The Knight Trilogy.
You can find out more about Katie and her books 


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