Clarissa Johal: Thoughtful Thursday - Aerial Circus Arts and the Flying Trapeze

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thoughtful Thursday - Aerial Circus Arts and the Flying Trapeze

On my way to class 
I've been taking trapeze classes these past few months and absolutely love it. The series just ended and I'm considering enrolling again. It's a bit brutal at times (bruising) but I'm hooked. It's very similar to ballet in a lot of ways except I get to wear these nifty tights. 

We have high-ceilings in our living room and have installed an aerial hoop and silks for my daughter. She rarely uses the silks anymore, so I was considering replacing them with my own trapeze so I could practice. The carabiners and rigging are both there--all I need is the cotton ropes and trapeze bar. Easy enough.
Dance Trap​eze Bar, 3m Rope​s and Padd​ed Leather Prot​ector​s  
$600 CAD

Single Trapeze with 8 foot ropes 

Single trapeze with cotton rope
$595 plus $45 shipping

Single Trapeze, no ends

 Photo courtesy of 
Yes, I was rather floored myself. I use a three-point dance trapeze which looks like this. Seems simple enough. Cotton ropes reinforced with steel cable, padded leather protectors, steel bar. 
That will be $350-$640 please.

Did I mention we have the carabiners and rigging installed already? 

The search continues...

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