Clarissa Johal: #Paranormal Wednesday-The Veil

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#Paranormal Wednesday-The Veil

Photo courtesy of Damian via Flickr
October. The time when the veil between both worlds, ours and the spirit world, becomes thin and is easily crossed. The dictionary defines "beyond the veil" as a mysterious or hidden place or state, especially the unknown state of life after death.

The concept of the veil is prevalent throughout the history of Halloween. Traditionally, the holiday was dedicated to remembering the dead. Not only was it a time to honor and appease those who had passed on, but to honor the death of nature. It was believed that during this time, the dead roamed the earth freely and it was much easier to communicate with those who had passed on. So why would the veil thin "only" at this time of year?

Personally, I don't believe that October is the only time the veil is lifted. It may seem more active because people are thinking of the paranormal. November, December, January... the year speeds by and things go unnoticed. The moments for communication with the dead are there; dreams, meditation and the quiet times you find yourself alone. You just have to listen.


Debi said...

I do agree! Celebrate Darkness ! I must, living up here or go glum. Rather Celebrate! xoDebi

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

Enjoy the quiet time, Debi :)