Clarissa Johal: Frightening Friday-American Horror Story

Friday, January 31, 2014

Frightening Friday-American Horror Story

I'm probably the last to watch the season finale of American Horror Story: Coven. I love that American Horror Story makes a social commentary and constantly pushes the envelope. That's what keeps me coming back for more. Here are my picks for favorite characters and moments of each season.

Season One

Best character-Rubber Man. It's all about the costume, baby.

Best Moment: The reveal of Rubber Man. (no spoilers!)

Season Two

Best Character: Lana Winters. The definition of perseverance and strength

Best Moment-The Name Game. Surreal fun.

Season Three

Best Character: Myrtle Snow. I was secretly hoping she was Grand Supreme. Her red hair, cat glasses and bizarre clothes rocked the fashion boat.

Best Moment: Spaulding and all his dolls. Kind of an, "Um...." and, "Aw!" moment all rolled into one.

Season One was my favorite. There were numerous twists and turns that kept me guessing. Which was yours?

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Wicked Witch of the East said...

Season 1 - my favorite was definitely Constance, but you have all the same favorites as me in Season 2 and 3. I, too, am mad for tartan!

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

She was an awesome character too, Amy. Can't go wrong with Jessica Lange. Thanks for stopping by! :)