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Friday, August 10, 2012

Guest Blogger Friday

Please welcome my guest blogger for today, Joanna Fay, author of Daughter of Hope.

Dark Skies, Blue Wings: Introducing Joanna Fay's Daughter of Hope

Daughter of Hope, my first published novel, sits at the front of an epic fantasy sequence, The Siaris Quartet. In some ways, Daughter of Hope works as a prequel book followed by a trilogy, that opens the world of Siaris at an angle while tracking the fortunes of a winged immortal – but very vulnerable – girl.
The story arc of the quartet was already established and drafted before I turned back to the beginning and decided to write a whole new novel, catalyzed by a particular character, Revetia. I knew her as a survivor, and as the daughter of the embittered, vengeful villain, Xereth. A glimpse of her childhood flashed into view, and when I asked her how she handled it, and how she managed to not only survive but change the path set in front of her, the whole story tumbled out.


The fate of an entire world will be decided by the actions of one young girl.

The Guardians of Siaris have been warring for thousands of years, torn apart by betrayal and lost loves. Xereth waits patiently for his chance at revenge. The only thing standing in his way is one of his own offspring.

As Xereth's daughter, Revetia’s destiny is to help him destroy Siaris and those who wronged him, but Revetia's will is strong. With hope and help, she might be able to break free from Xereth's tight and treacherous grasp, but at what cost?

Sier has always tried to stay out of affairs that threaten his family's safety. When Revetia asks him for help, she forces him into a position that could cost his family, the elden, and humans their lives. Is he prepared to put those he loves and protects in jeopardy?

With the fate of Siaris resting on Revetia’s shoulders, will her actions trigger a war between gods, slaves, and Guardians?


  Revetia glanced around the courtyard and shivered.
  “Ree?” Tieren’s quiet voice broke into her thoughts. “Shall we continue?”
  Revetia wasn’t going to grace her brother with a reply, but she wouldn’t leave either. She wanted to hone her flight-skills, and Tieren was a good teacher even if she hated him beyond measure.
  Why do you persevere? she screamed in silence. Probably only because you’ve been told to – by your precious masters!
  Tieren didn’t react to the words she flung at him, but for a faint tightening around his eyes. He spread a wing before her and directed her attention to his longest flight feathers. “When you shift into spell-flight, you need to extend and retract – like this. Then the spells built into your body will take over.”
  Midnight-blue pinions splayed and snapped back into line in a blurred fraction of a second. “You’ll get used to it fast...the shift will become automatic in a few sessions.” He held out his hand. “Try it, Ree.”
  She arched her wings and followed him up through the spiralling gale. She wobbled and rocked on a sharp gust, but held her course with grim purpose.
  Ready? Flick, and flatten. Now.
  Revetia did as he ordered. Her body floated on the silken curve of her own will. Elation pushed her higher on the cold air. Her body no longer responded to the buffeting weather; it was hers to command as she wished. Inside, warmth streamed though her. Outside, the cool of the spell-void unfurled in her wake. She swung right and spun in slow circles. Tieren hovered below, scrutinizing her and giving a pleased nod.
  Very good. You’ve got it now.
  Revetia didn’t answer. She looked up through the swirl of dark clouds above. I could fly away!
  Tieren’s voice ran through her head. Don’t try it, Ree. Hit the masters’ border-spells and you’ll wish you hadn’t.
  She looked down at him. Anger whipped up through a black pit in her gut. The taste of Erren’s blood ran over her tongue, boiled again in her stomach.
  I’m leaving.
  She flicked her wings, cut an arc on the wind, flattened them and slipped into spell-flight. Her wings were light as snow. She could arch them out, or tuck them down for comfort if she wanted. Darkness closed in. She sliced through it, tasting a second of freedom.
  No you don’t.
  Tieren’s arms closed around her waist, dragging her back down, her spellsheen disabled by a tight command before she could attack him. She began to cry in huge, gulping sobs.
  “I h-hate you. I hate you s-so much,” she stammered.
  A hint of exasperation gleamed in Tieren’s eyes, but his voice still remained even. “You won’t keep yourself safe, Ree. So I’m doing it for you.”
  “Why?” she cried. “Why do you even bother?”
  Tieren made no reply. The courtyard’s grey walls closed in again, and her feet touched stone. Revetia pushed herself away from her brother’s grasp and walked away without a backward glance.

Daughter of Hope is available through Musa, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I hope you enjoy my book. 

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Ann Montclair said...

Daughter of Hope is a compelling read, and I see great things for Joanna Fay!

Martin Bodenham said...

Good luck with the novel, Joanna!

Martin Bodenham

Sharon Ledwith said...

Joanna - the best is yet to come! Wishing you all the success on your publishing venture! Cheers! Tweeted and shared!