Clarissa Johal: Frightening Friday-Haunted Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Friday, September 26, 2014

Frightening Friday-Haunted Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Photo courtesy of Nina^ via Flickr
Built between 70 and 72 AD, the Colosseum in Rome, Italy became synonymous with the Roman Empire and served as the location where gladiators, slaves and Christians fought for their lives in front of blood-thirsty fans. It is estimated that roughly 500,000 people and 1,000,000 animals died in the Colosseum over the course of its use. With that much bloodshed and intense emotion, it's no wonder that the Colosseum is considered one of the most haunted places in the world.

Visitors have heard whispering in the tunnels and some have seen lights floating around where many gladiators waited to die.
Others report that they've been touched and pushed. Some have heard the clash of swords, the roars of lions and sounds of weeping and moaning. On hot days, it has been reported that the Colosseum has unexplained cold spots. Tourists also report seeing ghostly figures walking up the stairs of the stadium and ghostly Roman soldiers standing at the exits.

Tickets to visit the Colosseum are priced at $25 pp and up.
If you're feeling brave, Dark Rome offers a Colosseum Night Tour for $100 pp.


Debi said...

Sad history, leaving energy behind to remind us of our barbarian behaviours.

Clarissa Johal said...

I kind of felt that too, Debi