Clarissa Johal: Tangled Tuesday-Guest Author Latashia Figueroa

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tangled Tuesday-Guest Author Latashia Figueroa

Please welcome horror author Latashia Figueroa.

This Way Darkness is a short story collection of three tales of terror.

Wrapped in Small Flesh and Bone:
Robert and Linda desperately want a child but are unable to conceive. Linda will do anything to get pregnant. Robert’s love for his wife brings them to an unconventional decision. They put the miracle of making a baby in the hands of a witch.

The Alternative:
After her mother dies from cancer, Lorna Powel realizes she does not just fear death, she hates it. But there is someone who understands Lorna's disdain for her fragile mortality. He knows because he has been watching her for a long time, waiting in the shadows to offer an alternative to death.

The Retreat:
Brad Levee has joined eleven others on a life-changing spiritual retreat that was promised to bring them closer to God. But the charismatic leader, Aleister, has a different plan for his followers that will shed blood. And Aleister isn't the only one Brad should fear.

“Latashia Figueroa is an exciting new voice in horror. Her dark fiction lures you into a world that seems normal, captivates you with characters you can root for, and then, before you know it, her stories wrap icy fingers of fear around your heart and pull you deeper into a chilling darkness.”
―Brian Moreland, author of The Devil’s Woods and The Girl from the Blood Coven

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About the Author

Latashia Figueroa gives two reasons for her love of horror:
One, the house she grew up in was believed to be haunted. Two, as a child, Stephen King often told her bedtime stories. Pet Sematary was the first.

Latashia Figueroa’s first fan was her High School English teacher who told her she would be a writer. But life happened and she ended up in New York City’s fast paced fashion industry for over ten years. Though the job was exciting, it was not fulfilling and when the company downsized Latashia used the opportunity to write again.

THIS WAY DARKNESS is her debut short stories collection.
She lives on the east coast with her very supportive husband and overly friendly mutt, Ruffles.

Latashia has a fondness for the arts, is a thrill seeker and would spend a great deal of her time on roller coasters if she could. She is working on her next book and promises it will be a creepy one.

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