Clarissa Johal: Thoughtful Thursday-Work Life Balance

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday-Work Life Balance

...of which I've been trying to juggle, as of late. My kiddos are tracked out of school this month and I've promised to stay off my computer unless they are sleeping or otherwise engaged. The writing, blogging and promoting has been relegated to the wee hours of the morning, or done late at night. It's difficult because, as a writer, work usually exceeds an 8-hour day/40-hour week. The computer is always there, the ideas are always in my head, and book promotion is never-ending. But, I intend on keeping my promise because my kiddos are more important to me than anything.

Check back tomorrow for a sneak peek of The Island, my novel in progress.

Have a great day *:) happy


Heather R. Holden said...

Balance is always so tricky. Sorry you can only write/blog/promote at odd hours at the moment, but I'm sure your kids appreciate it!

Clarissa Johal, Author said...

Thanks for your support, Heather :) It has made for some late nights but well worth it!