Clarissa Johal: Tangled Tuesday-And now....for something completely different

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tangled Tuesday-And now....for something completely different

Photo courtesy of april-mo via flickr
Stuck in a rut? It happens. It's a great way to kill creative productivity. In most cases, the best solution is to take a break and walk away. That doesn't mean walk down the hall or around the block (although in some cases, that may work) but really--walk away. Try something different. Rattle your brain. Whatever it takes to climb from your personal rut and get your creative self flowing again. Here are some things to try. And don't just read through them and say, "I should do one of these" and not do it. Because I'll hunt you down.

1) Do something physical. Your brain can't be creative and spit out "stuff" if you're catatonic in your chair. Muscles need to move. If you're stuck in an office, buy a mini-trampoline and keep it in the corner for jumping breaks.

2) Play. Jump rope, do cartwheels, build a fort, blow bubbles--you know, all those fun things you used to do as a kid but don't now because you're a boring grown-up.

3) Visit a factory. See how something is made. Candy factories are awesome.

4) Learn something new. Take a tap-dancing class if you like noise, a fencing class if you like swords, or a painting class if you like art. It always makes me sad when I hear people say, "I've always wanted to..." but they haven't.

5) Stomp grapes at a vineyard. While you're there, take a winery tour and see how wine is made. Next time you buy a bottle, you'll truly appreciate the crafting that goes into it.

6) Build a bird or bat house. Hang it in your backyard or donate it to a local recreation center or garden.

7) Rent a paddle boat, house boat or kayak and take off for the day. Find a secluded spot and go skinny dipping.

8) Do you paint using watercolors? Buy some clay. Work with numbers all day long? Finger-paint a picture. Write romance? Try writing science fiction.

9) Plan and cook a meal using a one color palette. For example; a cheddar omelette with corn, butternut squash and saffron toast. End the meal with a lemon tart and an apricot screwdriver.

10) Juggle--it's okay if you drop them all!

11) Fly a kite

12) Take public transportation to some place random. Get lost and wander. It's okay, you will find your way home again.

13) Rent a Ferrari for the day. Go for a drive. Feel like a rock star.

I see you still sitting there. Don't make me come get you.

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