Clarissa Johal: Tangled Tuesday-Haunted Antiques

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tangled Tuesday-Haunted Antiques

Last weekend, I visited an antique shop. It's something I do on occasion when I'm feeling nostalgic. I enjoy talking to the shop owners and learning the history connected with the antiques they buy from estate sales. More often than not, I end up "just looking." But there have been one or two occasions in which something has captured my attention and I have to buy it.
My husband jokes with me not to bring back anything haunted.
I do believe things can hold onto energy. There are some objects I've literally been drawn to. But there are antiques that, upon picking them up, I wouldn't take home if the shop owners paid me. Are they haunted? Maybe. One time, I picked up a large metal urn that immediately made me feel depressed and sad. When I asked the shop owner about it, she told me it was an old burial urn. I have no idea why it was for sale, nor do I know if somebody's ashes were still in it! But suffice to say, the urn would not be coming home with me that day.

Just for fun, I decided to do a search on eBay for "haunted antiques."  As of today, there are 141 items that show up in that search. Whether or not these items are truly haunted or sellers trying to cash in on the current fascination of "all things haunted" is unknown. But it makes for interesting reading.

Here's the link to ebay: haunted antiques.
Let me know if anything captures your fancy. *;) winking


Rhea Rhodan said...

Fun post. Have you tried "reading" objects intentionally?

Clarissa Johal said...

I haven't actually! That would be something to try